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Optoma HD80 and HD8000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality-4

From the Lord of the Rings (standard DVD), click on the left thumbnail image for a normally exposed enlargement. The second thumbnail image will be the same frame, but overexposed so you can make out details along the bottom and in the shed on the right, structure supports on the left. You’ll find this same image in almost all reviews:






Overall, there is good detail but not in the darkest areas. Other, more expensive projectors can reveal more. The question is, do you really care? The truth is, with the HD8000, you’re not likely to notice any loss of detail during normal viewing. It’s not until you see another projector that is much better at shadow detail, and on the right type of scenes, that you are likely to say to yourself: “Wow, I can see that, and I want the better performance”. And that’s not likely to happen to most people.