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Optoma HD8000 and HD80 Home Theater Projectors

HD8000 Projector Overview

The Optoma HD8000 is a slightly upgraded HD80. There are three major differences: The HD8000 offers a third year warranty (compared to two years), it is ISF certified and offers ISF Day, and ISF Night modes for your friendly neighborhood ISF professional calibrator to save optimium settings. Lastly, the HD8000 which will be available through local installation oriented CEDIA dealers, costs about $500 more than the HD80.

Optoma HD8000 Highlights

  • One of the lower cost 1080p projectors
  • Good black level performance for an entry level 1080p projector, but definitely not in the same class as most more expensive projectors
  • Slightly more expensive than the HD80 which is available online.
  • Limited placement flexibility, and significant lens offset, as is typical of most lower cost DLP projectors
  • Three year warranty
  • Will accept an anamorphic lens for working with Cinemascope (2.35:1) shaped screens
  • Reasonably bright – 561 lumens in best mode after adjustments, 1004 lumens in brightest mode
  • Rich color saturation, and lots of depth to the image
  • $3199!

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