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Optoma HD80 and HD8000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality-2

Posted on October 15, 2007 by Art Feierman

Optoma HD8000 Black Levels and Shadow Detail

Not bad, not bad at all. Given that the HD8000 and HD80 are Optoma's "entry level" 1080p projectors, they perform well in both categories, although not exceptionally. Black levels are good for a 1080p projector, while shadow detail is acceptable, but definitely a step down from some the more expensive competition. In the course of my working with the HD8000, I got to do a fair amount of comparing with InFocus' roughly $2000 more IN82. There was definitely a visible difference in shadow detail. I recall having The Tonight Show on, and at the beginning when they were panning the darkened theater, I could actually make out people and faces in the "upper decks" on the IN82, that were just not distinguishable on the HD8000.

Still, the HD8000 does a good job, it's just that that performance in this area continues to improve. We are reaching a point, where, for all but the "hard core", many of the differences are slight enough that most just won't care. For example, would I buy the InFocus IN82 over the HD8000? Yes, but I'm pretty demanding. But for most people I know, I'd recommend the HD8000 as a better value, and with picture quality that will still please all but the most picky.





I'll start with a few images that are designed to give you an idea of black levels, then we'll get into shadow detail after that. Overall, blacks are nice and dark, but never quite reach what some would call "inky blacks". Still, for a low cost 1080p projector, not bad at all.

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