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Optoma HD80 and HD8000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality-8

Posted on October 15, 2007 by Art Feierman

Optoma HD8000 home theater projector: Sharpness-2

One more: A cropped view of a computer monitor from Space Cowboys on Blu-Ray. Again, a similar image is found in most reviews, so you can compare. Readability of the type on the computer screen is the key, and the HD8000 does a very good job.

Click to Enlarge.So close
Bottom line: When you consider the low cost of the HD8000 and HD80, the above average sharpness has to be considered a real plus. There are a few under $10,000 1080p projectors that can produce a slightly sharper image, but none are dramatically sharper.

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Optoma HD80 Overall Picture Quality

Colors are richly saturated, black levels are most respectable, and shadow detail is good. Default gamma seems a little dark in the darker areas, but this can be adjusted, It probably helps produce Optoma's tendency to produce a feeling of really good depth.

Two photos from House of the Flying Daggers - Blu-Ray DVD. It's hard to find movies that offer richer, or more spectacular, colors than this movie, and the HD80 looks great showing this movie.

HD8000 Projector Image Quality: Bottom line

The HD8000 really impresses, especially considering it's about as low cost of a 1080p resolution home theater projector as one can find. It is fairly bright, had good blacks and shadow detail, and overall produces a natural looking image (after a good calibration or at least a serious end user adjustment with good calibration disk (easy to follow instructions when using the AVIA or DVE disks).

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