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Optoma PK201 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman


When I talked about the Optoma PK301 I mentioned that it looked like an actual mini projector. It had all the buttons and the usual projector shape. Although the PK301 is a great little Pico projector it wasn't truly a pocket projector in m opinion. Optoma has really built a true Pico projector with the PK201. It's dimensions are close to that of a typical smart phone, but its buttons, inputs and other fine adjustment controls are intuitive and easy to figure out. For a complete look at the projector keep reading.

Starting in the front you have the lens that is nicely recessed to help protect the glass. As you travel around the side you will finda focus knob and then VGA/Component input for hook up to your laptop or DVD player. If you really want HD video, there is also a mini HDMI input right next to theVGA/Component input. Basically all the video inputs are on the left side. In the back you have a infrared receiver and a DC input to charge the battery.

Moving around to the right side we see a whole host of inputs for connecting with the projector to show data from microSD cards and USB thumb drives. You will also find an input for standard audio/video and for built-in sound, a speaker rounds out the right side.

Control Panel

As is typical with the Picos I have reviewed it has a nice control panel on the top. It is back lit and since you are going to be using it the dark mainly, it is a big help to have back lit menu buttons. All of them are labeled very clearly and use the standard symbols found on a typical keyboard. This makes getting up to speed and used to navigating around the projector menus fast.

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The menu system for the PK201 was pretty straightforward and very graphical based. I would recommend taking a moment to glance over the manual to really get the hang of all the features. Not all the functions are obvious when you first start to dig deeper into different areas of the system. The PK201's menu is exactly like the PK301's menu.



Remote Control

The Optoma PK201 does not come with a remote, but rarely do you need one with Pico projectors since you are usually so close to the projector when you present.

Optoma PK201 Lens Throw

The PK201 has a throw ratio of 2.2:1. Expect to be able to achieve a 70 inch diagonal image from 10.5 feet away.

Lens Shift & Setup

No lens shift.The image must be aligned by physically moving the projector. Focus is done by adjusting the focus knob on the side of the projector.

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