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Optoma ZU920TST PRO WUXGA 8,200 Lumen Laser Projector Review - Software

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Philip Boyle


Optoma Zu920 With Rs-232 Commands - Projector - Reviews

Optoma projectors come with an extensive set of RS-232 commands, making them simple and easy to manage using any control system.


Optoma Zu920 Amx Dynamic Discovery Protocol - Projector Reviews - Image

The AMX Dynamic discovery protocol is incorporated into the ZU920TST projector allowing for easy installation with AMX control systems.


Optoma Zu920 Crestron Roomview - Projector Reviews - Image

Using the compatible Crestron RoomView software, you can simultaneously power on/off, monitor, and manage and control up to 250 projectors from any computer.


Optoma Zu920 Extron IPLink - Projector Reviews - Image

The ZU920TST is Extron IPLink-compatible, allowing easy installation with Extron control systems.


Optoma Management Suite - Projector Reviews - Image

OMS is an advanced remote display management solution that monitors, diagnoses, and controls projectors and other audiovisual displays. OMS connects to these devices via a local area network and wireless connectivity from a single platform and location.

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