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Panasonic PT-AX100U Home Theater Projector Review: Image Quality 4

Posted on September 27, 2006 by Art Feierman

There's a lot to cover in this section, and I have plenty of photos to help illustrate. Let me point out that the images (photos taken of the PT-AX100U) cannot fully capture the dynamic range (from darks to bright) that projectors are capable of. As a result, in a typical scene, if the overall exposure is right for mid and bright areas, the camera will lose all the details in the darkest areas. Therefore, there will be a couple of images where I show you the normal exposure, and then a seriously overexposed image of the same frame, so you can see the shadow details the camera lost on the first shot.

Click to enlarge. So close

You'll note plenty of detail in the shadow areas of the ship, on the left side.

Next is the standard image I use for "everyday" shadow detail, from Lord of the Rings. The first shot from the Panasonic PT-AX100U is normally exposed. Immediately below it is a seriously overexposed image. You can now see all the detail from the screen that was lost by the camera, in the dark areas on the left (the shed) and bottom. It's pretty much all there folks!

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If you would like to compare, you'll find these images used in just about all home theater projector reviews done in the last year.

Our last image is from Sin City, an extremely dark film using very little color, or rather using color selectively to enhance a movie that is primarily black and white (and sepia).

Panasonic AX100U LOTR watchfire
Panasonic AX100U LOTR watchfireOverexposed

Click to enlarge. So close

LCD projectors are known for having more visible pixel structures, requiring you to sit further back than with a DLP projector. Last year's PT-AE900U sported what Panasonic named "Smooth Screen" LCD panels. Pixel visibility was no more noticeable that DLP projectors, but the image appeared a bit soft. The PT-AX100U, by comparison, has new panels, and the pixels are far less visible than DLP projectors, and yet the image of the AX-100U is definitely sharper than the older Panny. More on this in the General Performance section.

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