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Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector Review - General Performance 2

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Four main menus, but most of the action is on the Picture Menu, and its sub menus. Let's start there. This image shows the main Picture Menu, and as you can see, there are a great many options. The first lets you select the preset (Cinema 1, Dynamic, Normal, etc.),

PT-AX100U Remote Control

Click to enlarge. So close

The PT-AX100U has a truly excellent remote. It's small, has large buttons, well laid out with plenty of space, a pretty bright backlight, and is very easy to use with one hand, no shifting around. On top of that it's logically laid out, and lets you do what you want, quickly!

Top left, a big power button for off and on (press twice for off), and across from it, the backlite button. On the next row, the left button lets you toggle through the four "standard" preset modes (Cinema 1 and Cinema 2, Video, and Natural). The next button over does the same for the three "Bright" image modes (Vivid Cinema, Normal, and Dynamic). To its right is the Favorite button, which lets you call up the three user saveable settings.

The next row offers Aspect, 16:9, zoom, etc., The Picture Adjustment menu, which only offers a few choices (you'll need the Menus for the rest) and Color Adjustment.

Below them are the Menu and Return buttons, and then the usual 4 navigation arrow keys with an Enter button in the center.

Moving to the bottom, a Default Button (sorry never checked out exactly what that does, but I suspect it returns you from a user saveable setting, to factory defaults. According to the manual, it gives you options of what you want to reset.

Then there's a very nice Freeze button, to, of course, freeze the image on the screen (handy for my photoshoots), as well as stop action. Lastly, the bottom row has your source (Input) select, and the Sleep timer, which allows you to have the projector automatically shut off if the projector is unattended, in increments of 30 minutes, from one hour to four hours. (Great for people who fall asleep while watching!)

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