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Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector Review: Summary, Pros, Cons 2

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Panasonic has done it this time. They took a very good PT-AE900U projector - which they say, has been the best selling home theater in the US, and improved on it. Not just a little, but dramatically.

I'll get this over with now.

PT-AX100U Summary:

With the overall quality and performance of the PT-AX100U, combined with Panasonic's wide distribution, I have no trouble believing that this new Panasonic home theater projector will replace the older projector as the best selling home theater projector in the US. The peformance is sensational, the improvements, stunning.

True, this is the first of this fall's crop of new home theater projectors, with reviews to follow shortly of the $1495 Mitsubishi HD1000U (it's already here for review), The Sharp DT500, and (the not new) Samsung 710e. Then, of course there's the new Sanyo Z5 shipping in October, (Panasonic's closest competitor), the new Optoma HD73 (replacing the HD72), and several lower priced projectors, the BenQ W500 ($999), and the already shippiing Optoma HD70. We hope to have all of them reviewed by year end, along with several new 1080p resolution projectors from Optoma, Epson, Sony, BenQ, Mitsubishi and Sharp. Panasonic has definitely raised the bar - quite a bit, but if they could pull this off, there may yet, be serious competion for the PT-AX100U.

That said, the Panasonic PT-AX100U is the under $2000 standard that the others will have to measure up to. Time to break out your check books and credit cards. If $2000 is within your reach, as this is the projector virtually guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

And, (again), it's exceptionally bright, so that HDTV and sports fans won't have to turn off all the lights!

Actually, I really don't like raving about a projector like I have in this review, but the bottom line:

Just one word best describes the PT-AX100U: Awesome!



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