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Panasonic PT-AX100U Home Theater Projector Review - Overview 3

Posted on September 27, 2006 by Art Feierman

We have another winner! I rarely get overly enthused reviewing another $2000 home theater projector, but it does happen.

That finally takes us to the back of the projector and its input panel. This Panasonic home theater projector is typically equipped with a single HDMI input, and the usual 3 RCA jacks for a component video signal. In between those two is a PC input. On the far left is a serial port that allows controlling the projector's settings from a computer, and on the far right are the usual lower resolution video inputs - an S-video and a composite video input.

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A few projectors in this price range may sport an extra component video input and less frequently a second HDMI (digital input), but the PT-AX100U has all the standard inputs. Lastly there is the power socket for the power cord (the PT-AX100U uses what is usually called the mickey mouse type power connector cord). There is a hard power switch next to it. This master switch must be turned on for the power button on the top to work, or for the remote control to power up this home theater projector. No surprises here.

The one thing missing is a rear infra-red sensor for the remote. Fortunately the remote has plenty of range, so even if it's in front of you, you should have little trouble "bouncing" the infra-red signal off of your screen to the PT-AX100U.

The Panasonic projector has a rear foot (bar) at the back for a stable 3 point stance. The rear foot is not adjustable. That concludes our tour of the projector itself. In our General Performance section we will take a close look at this Panasonic projector's remote control and its menu system.

Time to get serious and see how the Panasonic PT-AX100U home theater projector performs in terms of image quality!

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