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Panasonic PT-LRZ35U RGB LED DLP Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on November 28, 2020 by Philip Boyle

Panasonic PT-LRZ35U RGB LED DLP Projector Review – Special Features: RGB LED DMD Light Engine, Network Control, PJLink, Mounting Flexibility


The PT-LRZ35U uses a RGB LED DMD light source. Discrete LEDs for each R/G/B channel reproduce an expanded color gamut with deep, uniform saturation. Viewers sensitive to traditional DLP color wheels can now enjoy a high-resolution DLP experience without distraction. Panasonic's selection of Discrete RGB LED’s as a light source, versus a color wheel, suppresses the rainbow phenomenon that affects those of us susceptible to it. The PT-LRZ35U produces an expanded gamut result in color-rich images that will impress.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage that a RGB LED DMD light source has over a traditional lamp-based projector is the life of the light source – Panasonic claims up to 20,000 hours of life for the PT-LRZ35U. As with a lamp-based system, the life rating is the point where 50% of the brightness has been lost. If the PT-LRZ35U was used 40 hours a week, 20,000 hours equates to over 9 ½ years of operation. Image quality should be more stable over time than it would be with lamp-based projectors.

The PT-LRZ35U uses a filter-free design that, in a normal environment, shouldn’t require cleaning for up to 20,000 hours.

There are three modes to adjust the brightness output of the RGB LED DMD light source:

Normal – 100% brightness at high fan speed which results in an estimated RGB LED DMD lamp life of about 20,000 hours.
ECO – Reduces brightness by 70% at high fan speed which extends RGB LED DMD lamp life to approximately 24,000 hours.
Quiet – Reduces brightness by 70% while reducing fan speed to lower noise. This results in an estimated RGB LED DMD lamp life of about 20,000 hours.


Embedded networking offers the ability to manage and control multiple projectors over your network via the built-in RJ45 jack. Features include scheduling of events, centralized reporting, and e-mail alerts for reactive and routine maintenance.

The PT-LRZ35U offers support for key command-and-control software like AMX, Crestron, and PJ-Link. Network administrators who manage multiple projectors at a school or business will greatly appreciate this feature. Regardless of which control protocol the admin chooses, they will be able to check the status of the networked projector, check detailed information such as the usage hours of the projector light source, the current input source, and receive email alerts for any current errors or warnings. Admins can turn the projectors on and off, check the status of the projector’s temperature or light engine life, and receive push notifications.


PJLink is a unified standard created to allow the operation and control of data projectors. The heart of PJLink is a desire to manage connection, control, and the projectors command format. Let’s break it down.

PJLink enables the connection of projectors manufactured by different vendors to communicate and provide recognition between the projector/display and the control equipment.

PJLink enabled projectors are typically designed around the necessary procedures needed for control equipment, like a PC, to control the projector, and procedures to get information about the state of the projector like status notification to alert the network manager of a potentially dangerous change of state, such as the temperature of a projector. Along with this ability to monitor, network admins can change parameters like powering down a potentially malfunctioning projector or changing settings based on the needs of upcoming events and users.

PJLink compliant equipment features a high level of interconnectivity across different models and manufacturers, enabling easy construction of environments that are mixed with different models and systems and easy replacement of systems that are already in place.

Another element of this projector’s network functionality is the built-in PJ Messenger function that allows you to send email when a fan/light source error and high temp warning occurs on your networked projectors. It is an easy and efficient way to send announcements out to multiple units.


There are times in a classroom or meeting that you might want to zoom in on an image, such as a map or blueprint. This feature makes it simple to magnify a portion of the image on-screen. On the remote control of the PR-LRZ35U you will find that buttons number pad buttons 6 and 9 control are also the D-Zoom+ and D-Zoom- buttons, you can use the arrows buttons on the remote to reposition the area to be magnified.


The PT-LRZ35U can be installed universally at any angle. Tilt-free, roll-free, and portrait installations are supported. The projector can be rotated freely (360°) to point up or down depending on the installation requirements.

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