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Planar 7060 HDTV performance

Planar 7060 HDTV performance

I took a number of images, but I want to start with two images of the Tonight Show, with Jay Leno. Normally for HDTV or regular TV viewing you want a cooler (more blue color balance in the 7500K – 8000K range. This first image of Leno was accidently shot with the projector still set for movies, with the Color Temp at the warmer 6500K. As a result, you’ll note that Leno is a bit red overall. In the second image the color balance was moved to 9000K which actually measured closer to 8000K. The more ideal 7500K setting measured in the upper 6000’s so the 9000K setting worked better. I did not further adjust the color, which could be tweaked to be even better Notice the huge difference in flesh tones, and his tie.:

Image of Leno, with the Color Temp at the warmer 6500K
Image of Leno, with the Color Temp at the warmer 7500K

I watch a lot of music videos in Hi-def, here’s a shot of the Sugarland – Bon Jovi concert:

And definitely check out (on the summary page), the closeup image of Pete Townsend from The Who, grabbed from the hi-def Isle of Wight concert, the sharpness and detail is stunning!

BTW, the big problem with concert images is that the concert lighting is anything but natural!

That about raps up this section. I have a few “extra” images for your consideration, and then it’s time to visit the General Performance section, where we look at menus, remote control, projector brightness, screen recommendations, and more.

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