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Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

We'll start off with the menu structure, which I really like. Basically Planar crams most of the image controls onto a single large Image menu. About the only downside of doing it this way, is that the menu itself is very large, and can be a bit of a problem when having it open and trying to adjust the image using something that is partially covered by the menu. I should note you can control the level of transparency of the menu. The medium selection I chose was too transparent for very "busy" scenes, which I avoided for the menu shots.

Navigating is straight forward. One minor complaint. With certain inputs, certain controls don't function, which is normal. With most projectors, when a control isn't going to be usable, it's usually grayed out or not present. With the Planar, it still looks normal, so you might think you can adjust it. An example above would be the Color Tint and Saturation controls, which are not operable with an HDMI inputs, but look as "active" as, say, Brightness and Sharpness.

Of particular note on the Image menu are the Color Temperature, and Gamma controls. The Color Temp controls are reasonably accurate, with 6500K being the ideal choice for movie watching.

Gamma gives you three options that you might not be sure which is best for which type of viewing - Film, Video and Cinema. Per the manual,

I find it very handy to see, and be able to adjust almost all the image controls from a single menu. A few items are missing, however, for example advanced color controls (separate R,G,B gain and offset) are on their own User Color Menu, shown here:

Of note, the Display menu has the white peaking control (0-100) mentioned in the fix. Also, the overscan control.

The Advanced menu (above, has the three lamp brightnes options (eco, normal, and boost), menu controls and the save memory options. as well as power options.

The service menu, below, is mostly an Info menu, providing status, including lamp usage (and reset).

Again, overall, I like the menu layout - with limited menus to choose from almost everything is extremely accessable.

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus Slideshow

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

Image Menu

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

User Color Menu

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

Display Menu

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

Advanced Menu

Planar 7060 Projector: Menus

Services Menu

Planar 7060 User Memory Settings

The 7060 has 3 user memory settings. The manual doesn't mention that they are source specific (or much at all, about them). Assuming not, 3 is about the minimum number of acceptable memory settings, so not too bad, but a couple extra ones would be nice for those that may want to set a number of presets for brighter ambient light, lower levels, etc.

Planar 7060 Remote Control

The Planar remote is just fine. It is what I would call a compact remote, strangely extremely light, and blue LED backlit. The identifiers on the keys are a little tough to read with the backlight, but doable. There aren't that many controls, so this is a remote that most people will know their way around within a couple of weeks.

My one complaint is right below the on and off buttons at the top. There are five Source buttons, and I can't fathom why they aren't labeled HDMI, DVI, etc., instead of 1...5. I realize that there are more than 5 inputs, but other remotes double up, or they could have had another two buttons.

After those two issues it's a good compact remote. The four arrow keys and center Enter, are reasonably well spaced, and Menu and Exit are in logical spots to the lower left and right.

Following that a row with the three user savable settings, and a row with contrast, brightness, and aspect ratio, are two more rows - Gamma, Overscan, and Keystone. The last row has auto setup, a video mute (labeled Blank) and

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