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Planar PD8150 Home Theater Projector Review: General Performance-3

The second image has both turned on. I should point out that with them on, the scene appeared brighter overall. As such, the two images below were taken with different exposures, a faster shutter speed on the lower one, so overall brightness appears about the same (actually the top one is just a trifle brighter, but close). You can see some additional loss in detail, in the man’s hair in the lower image, and it appears more contrasty. Conversely, you can look into the darkest areas (furniture in the back of the room), and again, see a loss of detail, there as well. Back to the man on the right. Look at his neck, despited the images being intentionally well overexposed, you can see smooth shading in his neck on the top image, but more white, and less shading in the lower one. Ultimately, though, on the screen, the lower image appears brighter and higher in contrast, to the eye, and is definitely better at dealing with ambient light.

PD8150 bond office large
PD8150 bond office AC large