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Planar PD8150 Home Theater Projector: Summary, Competition, Pros and Cons-4

Planar PD8150 Projector: Bottom Line

The Planar PD8150 is a high quality projector for those that have fewer budget limitations than most. Its picture quality is very natural, almost understated. It has not one significant flaw that I could detect, when it comes to image quality. With more lumens than most projectors, when in its best mode, it can handle larger screen sizes for movie watching although limited brightness in when set for maximum, will tend to limit screen size a bit, for those who want to watch a lot of TV and sports with some lighting on.

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If you have the budget, and your idea of how to have a great home theater is to find a reputable local dealer, consult with them, and have them install everything into your room, then the Planar PD8150 is definitely one of the best under $10,000 – so far. So break out that check book, or AMEX, let the dealer do their job, and organize a party for when the installation is completed, so you can impress your friends, and pat yourself on the back for being wise.

Let’s say it’s a very good overall projector, but better still when placed in a dedicated home theater. Despite the higher than most price, I really had no problem awarding the Planar PD8150 our hot product award, as it is one of those projectors that does it all, really well, and doesn’t disappoint. Kudos!

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