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Planar PD8150 1080p Home Projector Review: Image Quality-6

On the left, is the PD8150, the middle, the Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB, and on the right is the InFocus IN83 which is about as good as it gets in shadow detail, although not up to, say, the Epson 1080 UB, in black level performance.

PD8150 spacecowboys re-entry over large
HC1080UB spacecowboys re-entry lg
IN83 spacecowboys re-entry large

Next is the casino image at night from Bond’s Casino Royale.

When comparing, look at the detail in the roof (tiles), and also in the assorted trees and plants.

Planar PD8150 projector:

PD8150 bond roof large
VPL-VW40 bond roof over large
HC1080UB bond roof large
IN83 bond roof large
PT-AE2000U casino night large