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Planar PD8150 Home Theater Projector: Warranty

Planar’s warranty on the PD8150, is basically an industry average warranty for 1080p projectors – 2 years parts and labor.

Here’s what others are offering: Sanyo offers three years, with a rapid turn-around program that promises Sanyo won’t keep your projector more than 3 days, before shipping it back. Epson, like Mitsubishi, offers two years, but also includes its overnight replacement program, a real plus. Panasonic, looks to be sticking with its one year warranty, on their PT-AE3000 projector. BenQ offers a three year, with first year replacement program (two day), on their competing W20000, and InFocus provides a two year warranty on their IN83.

Bottom line: There are some longer warranties, and at least as many with shorter ones.

I consider Planar’s PD8150 two year warranty to be a good warranty.