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Classroom Projector Report 2013: Canon WX6000

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Art Feierman

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Canon WX6000 Projector

Although Canon has a line of lower cost DLP projectors, they have built their projector reputation on their more expensive LCoS projectors such as the WX6000.

Canon's LCoS projector designs are not surprisingly, highly regarded in terms of color handling.  Of course we should expect that as Canon is the premium brand for digital SLRs. In the days of film, although highly respectedm Canon's SLRs never received the same public status as Nikon.  In these digital days, though, it certainly seems like Canon dominates.

So, count the color as potentially excellent. Another key focus of this and many Canon LCoS (AI-Sys) projectors is DICOM.  Basically, for those unfamiliar, DICOM is a standard used in the medical field.  It indicates that this projector (which is DICOM), is capable of accurately projecting images such as MRIs CAT scans, and X-rays. That requires a combination of dynamic range and basically a bulletproof ability to produce such images without crushing near whites, or losing dark shadow detail.

For such applications the Canon is an excellent choice given the WX6000's high than typical resolution, compared to most projectors that are WXGA (1280x800).  Of course Canon does offer 1080p (2K) DICOM capable projectors, but at a much higher price.  The WX6000's roughly 50% higher resolution compared to most, assures better detail, which obviously is critical in medical areas.

There are many other applications where great color and dynamic range are demanded of a projector, displaying architectural renderings.  Although this year no Best In Classroom for Canon, the WX6000 projector picks up a Special award for it's color and DICOM abilities and higher than most resolution, for a reasonable price.  True, this is a projector due to cost, features and brightness (5700 lumens claimed), that is unlikely to end up in a K-12 classroom, but definitely figure it will find lots of homes in college classrooms, especially in the sciences, engineering, architecture, and the arts.

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