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Classroom Projector Report 2013: NEC M311X

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

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NEC M311X Projector

NEC M311XThis year we brought in two reasonably priced XGA resolution NEC projectors for review. Both are very suitable for the classroom.  In selecting them we picked two models at different price points, and features.  This 3100 lumen NEC M311X was the more expensive of the two. It is an LCD projector, with a powerful 10 watt speaker that should easily cover a typical classroom.

Impressive is the 1.7:1 zoom lens of this projector, providing it with a lot more placement flexibility than most other small fixed install/portable projectors!

The NEC M311X has a built in media player so you can run Powerpoint files or photos (JPG) from a USB source.  This projector also lets you present wirelessly from your iPad!

Also most impressive, especially if used in science, and college science classes, is that this projector supports DICOM imaging. Basically it's got a mode for displaying MRI's X-Rays and other such films with sufficient bright and dark detail to be viable.  That's not something the vast majority of projectors can begin to do.  DICOM capable is rarely found in under $2000 projectors although I suspect the number of projectors supporting DICOM is growing).  Canon, for example has been supporting for years, but almost no one else.

Here's a point of interest Mike mentioned.  If you can live with a little less than 1500 lumens in the M311X's eco mode, this NEC projector claims a massive 10,000 hours from it's lamp!  That's about half of what laser/led light engines claim!  Even at full power, however, where the NEC measured a bit more than 2500 lumens (Mike has the most conservative meter of our reviewers, as much as 10% less than the most optimistic, and about 7% below our average - 7% isn't something you would likely even notice), the lamp life is 5000 hours which is as good or better than most of the other projectors offer in their eco-modes!

Again, a great feature set for a projector that street prices for below $800.  And did I mention that it can work with up to 16 computers on a network?  Yes, It can!

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