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Classroom Projector Report 2013: Mitsubishi WD390U-EST

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Art Feierman

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Mitsubishi WD390U-EST Projector

Mitsubishi WD390U-ESTNow we're getting fancy.  The WD390U is a projector just dripping in features, including "cloud" networking, and interactivity via mobile iOS devices (and Android devices too - although we only tested with iPhone and iPad).

This is a lens based ultra short throw projector, that typically sits 2 to 3 feet from the screen, but that's hardly its most interesting feature (note though, it produces a very sharp image - sharper than any mirror based ultra-short throw (the ones that sit inches from the screen).

Because of the interesting feature set, I decided to review this one myself.  It was a learning experience.   Although overall, the WD390U-EST hasn't done anything truly unique, they  have combined some great networking features with the ultra-short throw design.

Key to the WD390U's abilities is the "cloud" (or "network") aspect of the projector.  You can run presentations (.ppt) as well as photos (.jpg), PDFs, text files (.txt), and  other formats directly from files on a server - local, or on the cloud.

That's a nice touch, as all you have to do is upload those types of files and presentations to your server (or cloud), leave your computer behind, walk into the conference room (or fly far away to it), and run your presentation directly from the projector.  (you can plug in a keyboard and mouse...)

Better still, you can leave your computer on, and on your network, and whip out your iPhone, or iPad (or Andriod), and take control of your computer, no matter where it is physcially, to run whatever you want.

This Mitsubishi DLP projector claims 3000 lumens, and actually beat its claim when we measured it.  Although color was about what we expected (weak on reds and yellows) in its brightest mode (typical DLP), Standard mode started looking pretty good, and the much less bright Theater mode looked great.

Basically what you have here is a solid, ultra-short throw, 3D capable projector (uses DLP-Link glasses - not included), but one capable of PC Free presenting, as well as presenting from "the cloud", and also controlling your own computer from far away, with your iOS or Android.  Extremely capable, a great boardroom or classroom projector where you need advance d networking capabilities, and some interactive features.  Certainly controlling from my iPad has to be considered interactive, but not quite as "interactive" as the interactive projectors Tony reviewed. Definitely great, and interesting networking capabilities, and the ultra-short throw design are the WD390U-EST's impressive strengths.

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