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Classroom Projector Report 2013: Optoma TW610STI+

Posted on February 28, 2013 by Art Feierman

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Optoma TW610STI+ Projector

Optoma TW610STILast year we reviewed the TW610STI.  This year we took a look at the upgraded Optoma TW610STI+.  The two are very similar, with few differences, so not a whole lot of surprises.

This is Optoma's Short Throw Interactive projector.  That should tell you what STI stands for.  The Plus at the end this year, I guess really indicated that it's just an upgrade, not a truly new projector.  It does sport an extra 100 lumens, and improved pen and interactivity compared to last year's entry.

Let's start with the basics.  Like all Optoma projectors this one is a single chip DLP projector.  The TW610STI+ is a $999 list priced projector, that comes with an interactive pen, but 3D active glasses are extra.  Optoma's interactivity with its PointBlank Pen allows the presenter/teacher to use the pen not only up at the screeen or whiteboard, or wall, but from anywhere in the room.  Of course the further away, the harder to do any precise annotating.  Still, there is a real advantage at times for a teacher to interactively control the screen while walking among the students.  I consider that a very nice touch.

Brightness:  This Optoma claims 3200 lumens but in its brightest mode, Tony reports it measuring several hundred lumens more. Most modes - those with better color, however measured between 1900 and 2700 lumens which is still very good.

Color handling (except in brightest mode) of the Optoma TW610STI+ is unusually good for a lower cost single chip DLP projector, and that can be very important in many classrooms. We usually think of 3LCD projectors as being the ones that can have rather good color, without giving up lots of lumens, but this Optoma also fits that description.

Truth is, the lens throw ratio is very short throw, borderline ultra-short throw. It only needs a few extra inches distance compared some we designated ultra-short throw.  As an example:  For an six foot wide screen, the projector mounts approximately 37 inches back.  That means on screens that size or smaller you should be able to use a telescoping wall mount rather than ceiling mounting.

Tony reviewed the Optoma TW610STI+ as well as the other interactive projectors. Although he does favor the Epson 436Wi, remember that the Epson is not 3D capable, whereas the Optoma is.  Certainly this is a well endowed, and well performing projector that effortlessly earned a Hot Product award.

And worth mentioning again, we were very impressed with the better than most color.

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