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Runco LS-7 Physical Tour

Posted on June 1, 2010 by Art Feierman
This Runco LS-7 is rather big and bad, compared to most projectors we receive for review.

Runco LS-7 Physical Appearance

The Runco LS-7 projector is slightly oval in appearance, finished in a flat, non-reflective black, and is particularly tall, at around 8 inches. The LS-7 does slop downward toward the back. It's got a sculpted look, and it looks pretty nice, though not the flashy flying saucer look that InFocus offered. That said, the dull black tends to make it blend in, and I expect the designers want you focusing on what hit's the screen, rather than what's hanging from the ceiling.

The fully motorized lens (zoom, focus, and both vertical and horizontal lens shift), is recessed. There are two models available for the LS-7. This LS-7 arrived with what they refer to as the Standard zoom lens. The alternative is their Cine-Wide zoom lens, which raises the ante to $18,495 for anamorphic 2.35:1. There's a control panel on the top, the input and connection panel is on the rear, and there's a cable cover to hide "the mess".

Infra-red sensors are found on the front, and on the top (which will be the bottom - where you want it - when ceiling mounted). Venting is on the sides.

To replace the lamp, the lamp door is located next to the input panel on the rear.

Control Panel

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The LS-7's control panel is located on the top. It is a small, roundish, and basic affair, located about 8 inches behind the front of the projector. The projector's power switch is a couple of inches closer to the front. The lighting goes off when the projector is "working".

At the top is the Source button, and opposite it, at the bottom is the Menu button. Inside of them are the four arrow buttons and a centered Enter key. Pretty standard stuff, and no extras.

That Power switch, doubles as your full status system. Solid green (indicates ready to power up (that's an unusual use of green, but, ok...) Blinking green is powering up, and when projecting (on), the light goes out. It also can blink red for overheating, red/green flashing for lamp issues. Finally there's solid red, which translates to: Call the doctor, the LS-7 is demanding service.

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Runco's LS-7 projector is nicely endowed, but hardly could be described as loaded with connections. There are the standard 2 HDMI inputs, and an HD15 connector for your standard computer analog input. There's one set of component video inputs using three color coded RCA connectors, and a second one, with three BNC connectors instead. Of course there's a Composite video and an S-video port.

There's an RS-232 serial port for command and control using your favorite room control system, and a pair of well configured 12 volt "screen" triggers. In the menus they can be configured for screen up/down, or masking functions

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