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Runco LS-7 Physical Tour-2

Posted on June 19, 2010 by Art Feierman

Runco LS-7 Menus

Runco has done a really nice job with their menu system. Text size is reasonable, not large, but easy to read at normal seating distances. All the image controls are laid out on the first two menus, Main, and Advanced. Main has your standard items; Aspect Ratio, Saved Memory selection, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, etc.

You can control the menu position (the menu box is pretty large) as well as the opacity.

Overscan is also located on this menu too, and gives a choice of zoom, (to fill the screen) or cropping (to maintain 1:1 pixel mapping).

You can also change sources from this menu. Remember, it is the "Main" menu, even though it's got lots of image controls

One more item on that menu is the PIP control for Picture in Picture, in this menu, you can see the PIP sub-menu open inside the Main menu.

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The Advanced menu has most of the fun controls and "toys".

You'll find Gamma controls here, and choice of Color Temperature settings.

Frame rate control allows you to output 24fps content at 24 or 48. This is not Creative, where you create a unique frame in between, to smooth motion. It's a good thing, none the less.

The RGB controls are located in the Advance menu as well.


The Control menu starts off with Lens Control which is simple and works well. Once entering the Lens Control menu, there are separate menu items for focus, zoom, and lens shift.

LS-7 Lens Throw

The LightStyle LS7 projector's lens has a throw ratio of 1.85 - 2.40. For those not familiar. To get the distance, use the formula of Throw Distance = throw ratio x screen width. For a 100" diagonal 16:9 screen, therefore, you can place the projector as close as 13.4 feet, or as far back as 17.4 feet.

LS-7 Lens Shift

There's a healthy amount of lens shift. With a 100" 16:9 screen (1.78:1 aspect ratio), there's plenty of vertical shift, allowing you to place the projector as high as about 8.4 inches above the top of the screen surface, or as low as 8.4 below the bottom, and anywhere in between. There's a fair amount of horizontal lens shift as well, but remember, that the more you use of one, the less you can use the other.

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