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Runco LS-7 Projector - Image Quality-2

Posted on June 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

JVC LS-7 Black Levels & Shadow Detail

Image time: First is a normal shot of the starship in The Fifth Element. It's followed by the usual heavily overexposed version. Even with the heavy level of overexposure, the blacks in the image and the letterbox are still pretty dark gray. That's what happens with two projectors both extremely good at blacks! This side-by-side features the Runco LS-7 projector on the left, and the Epson Pro Cinema 9500UB is on the right. Overall, a slight - advantage goes to the Runco on the is image.

In this first image below, I have left in part of the letterboxing, so you can see the basic black level more easily.Immediately below, from The Fifth Element, our favorite starship image - overexposed. There are slight differences in the overexposures. Certainly, the JVC is a touch more ovexposed than the Runco or Epson, although all three are close (hint, look at the "blown out" pause indicator in the lower left side of the screen, the more smearing, the more overexposed.





The point here, is that all offer great black levels

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