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Runco LS-7 Projector - Image Quality-10

Posted on June 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

Overall Color & Picture Quality

Almost outstanding! OK, I'm picking on the LS-7 because it isn't a 1080p resolution projector. If it was, Outstanding would exactly be the way to describe the overall color and picture quality. Consider: Natural, film-like skin tones, really excellent black levels thanks to 3 chip DLP technology paired with a good dynamic iris, very good shadow detail, and lots of horsepower. Really, my biggest complaint is the slight softness of the image, and I can hardly blame Runco, they offer many (if more expensive) 1080p projectors as alternatives.

The Runco usually cruises. Like the LG I recently reviewed, for a small fraction of the price, this Runco is comfortable projecting a big bright, almost plasma like image (in terms of brightness).

I mostly treat sharpness and brightness as performance aspects of a projector, but only partially consider them when discussing picture quality (favoring color, black levels and shadow detail).

And here are a few more images, the two from Dark Knight, followed by two from an old favorite movie of mine: Blazing Saddles, plus a few assorted scenes from movies and digital video sources

I've got nothing at all to complain about when it comes to overall picture quality. The colors are right on, the black levels are rather excellent - a pleasant surprise, and skin tones are gorgeous. I am going to so hate shipping this sucka back tomorrow!

Runco LS-7U Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

Watched a bit of Lakers NBA playoffs with the LS-7. I loved the roughly 1600 lumens hitting my screen. In my larger theater, where the LS-7 sits, I'm able to use full wide angle on the lens, to get every last extra lumen.

I've watched with the setup being the same as for movies, and also switching the lamp to 9300K, for the extra couple hundred lumens. It wasn't worth it to me. Better to use the 7500 lumen setting which gets a bit more brightness than 6500K but not quite what 9300K (native) can deliver. At 7500K, though, you've still got some decent reds, that otherwise start getting rather pathetic at 9300K.

So, for me, I'd just leave untouched, or move the color temp up one notch. I don't think 9300K is worth it for just an extra 100 lumens.

Rich colors, dynamic image, plenty of lumens. The only downside is image sharpness. Hey, first and foremost, remember the Runco is "only" a 720p projector, and it's also a 3 chip device which like 3LCD and 3 LCoS panel projectors, are never perfectly aligned.

So you have a great image, but it certainly is a bit softer than, say, any respectable 1080p projector and particularly the sharper DLP ones. Too tell the truth, it was better in sharpness than I expected, and I really didn't have a problem with the image in the same way I feel about my RS20 not being a sharp as some others. I'd like more, but I can live with it. OK, I can't live with the LS-7 quite as easily as my RS20 which is a touch sharper appearing.

Where I really miss the sharpness is on the really high quality digital content from sites like Discovery HD...

Still, the LS-7 is one helluva fine projector for watching sports and most HDTV. If only it was a 1080p... but that's a story for a different review.

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