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Samsung Home Theater Projector: SP-H710AE - Projector Review: Summary, Pros, Cons 4

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

If asked what one thing differentiates the Samsung SP-H710AE from it's competition, the answer would have to be (to paraphrase an old line): "It's the picture, stupid!". (no offense!)

Summary of the Samsung SP-H710AE Home Theater Projector

The SP-H710AE is an exceptional projector, thanks to all the focus on producing the best, most faithful possible movie image possible within its price range. Certainly, the appeal of this projector is for natural movie watching.

In fact, considering that this is not a projector that I would personally buy (due to my mixed usage, including lots of sports and cable/satellite content), I really think it is a great projector. I will definitely recommend it to the kind of viewers who will best appreciate its strengths. When speaking with Samsungs product manager, many months ago, I got the whole pitch - SMPTE accurate, CRT-like, Joe Kane optimized. While I appreciate what he said, I was sceptical that Samsung could charge significantly more than many popular, good, 720p DLP projectors, and still end up with a database filled with pleased owners.

Now, having worked with the SP-H710AE, and viewed roughly 20 hours of content on it, my skepticism is completely gone. Although the SP-H710AE, is certainly not for everyone, it does deliver the most natural movie viewing I have seen, other than with far more expensive, and professionally calibrated projectors. For the right home theater enthusiasts, the price is very reasonable!

The question is: Is this the projector for you?

If you don't need a huge screen (stick to 110" or less, optimum is probably 100" in my opinion, but 110" definitely viable), you have a really good room for viewing movies, (very, very dark, and hopefully dark walls), and you are seeking a really great movie watching, and are far less concerned about Monday Night Football, or HDTV/TV content, then, if the budget is right - put the the Samsung SP-H710AE DLP home theater projector at the top of your list of choices.

And don't forget, a masking screen with further enhance your enjoyment.

Last comments Many people wonder why others spend big bucks at local dealers for projectors with only OK specs. People shopping locally at expert (CEDIA) home theater projector dealers, expect, when all is done, that they get their money's worth, in terms of viewing enjoyment, not that they get the best specs. I think Samsung's projector is similar in that regard. It simply produces a picture quality that you would never expect if you were strictly a "specs" kind of shopper.

Wouldn't it also be nice if Samsung would come out with a 1080p version with the same strengths, around the same pricepoint as other 1080p projectors - $5000 - $7000? That way, those who want/need, the highest resolution and the best movie watching, can have a projector that does both.

It is interesting that Samsung, best known as one of the largest producers of Plasma and LCD TV's (and appliances, etc), has not tried to offer up a real, high volume mass market home theater projector. If they do decide to, however, considering what they have done with this limited production model, the competition better be paying attention.

Good job Samsung!

Movie purists - Get ready, Get Set....

(sorry, no movie) -art

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