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Samsung SP-H710AE Projector Review - Image Quality 4

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

Never previously having the opportunity to view the SP-H710AE in my own environment, I have been a bit skeptical, about the relatively high price of this Samsung projector, considering its online distribution, and the fact that it is typical of lower priced projectors, being 720p resolution, but "powered" by a standard Darkchip2 DLP chip. (Today, 720p projectors with Darkchip2 start at $999, and most (sold online) are under $2000.

This skepticism, despite the "story" of the SP-H710AE - a projector whose performance has been finely tuned by industry legend Joe Kane, to perform as closely as possible to CRT projectors, (which are still considered the ultimate, in terms of image quality).

Now here are two images - of the caverns below the theater (yep, that's a horse). The first image is the Samsung, the second, the Mitsubishi:

Certainly, the Mitsubishi image has more punch (perhaps I should say, "more vibrant", but you'll note actually parts of the wall on the close right turn black, without detail, before they do on the SP-H710AE.

In this next pair of images note the difference in the backgrounds - again, more vibrant for the Mitsubishi, but more subtle shift (and more faithful reproduction) in the background from top to bottom, on the Samsung:

While the Mitsubishi is a 1080p resolution LCD projector, when I observed the differences between the Samsung SP-H710AE and my BenQ, (also DLP, but also with blacker blacks), I found similar differences. The BenQ was more contrasty and more quick to loose subtle details in dark areas, despite the lower black levels.

Take a close look at this frame below.

This image above, captured from Phantom, was one of the most impressive I viewed. This is a very dark scene, yet the Samsung revealed detail in her cape and hair, the statue base to the right, and the background to the left, that simply weren't there, or much darker, on the Mitsubishi and the BenQ. For once I watched a very dark scene and felt I was seeing all I was intended to see.

A couple more - from Sin City, on DVD, for good measure:

Plenty of detail everywhere in the image above - click to enlarge.

The image immediately above, also from Sin City, shows great detail and shading in the right side of Nancy's face, and her neck. In the highlight areas, such as the ropes, there is good detail. If you compare this image to the same basic one found in many reviews, you'll be very impressed with all the extra you see here.



Samsung SP-H710AE color accuracy

Straight A's here. I usually comment on how good a projector looks out of the box, in terms of color accuracy. Some look really good, some need some serious tweaking. Though I have seen several projectors that most would find more than acceptable out of the box, and not feel the need to adjust, the Samsung, is definitely the best to date.

You've already seen a number of images in the flesh tones section, here are some more, starting with a side by side - SP-H710AE on the left of course - last time I'm reminding you.

Click to enlarge. Both projectors produce a good looking image. Note the extra details in the shadow area on the left. Both are rich colored although the Mitsubishi, as noted earlier is a bit more vibrant.

Samsung SP-H710AE sharpness

I refer you again to the image above, or rather the enlarged image. First I want to say, that overall, the Samsung appeared to be very sharp. I would put it above the Optoma HD7100, Panasonic PT-AX100U, and most others, and about even with my BenQ (whose sharpness, is perhaps its biggest strength), and the far more expensive Marantz 12S4.

When you look at the image above, for sharpness, remember, the Mitsubishi is a 1080p resolution projector - 2.25 times as many pixels! It should appear a bit sharper. You can better see it in the two images below of the Warner Brothers logo off of HD-DVD. The first image is a side by side. Click on it, and you will get an enlargement of the Samsung which is a bit softer, than what you will see if you, instead, click on the thumbnail image, for the larger image of the Mitsubishi HC5000BL.

SamsungSP-H710ae vs HC5000 Phantom starLge
MitsubishiHC5000BL WarnerLarge
MitsubishiHC5000BL WarnerLarge

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