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Sharp XV-Z17000 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on February 19, 2011 by Art Feierman

A year and a half ago we reviewed (and liked) the Sharp XV-Z17000's predecessor, the Z15000. Most of the information below has been lifted from the older projectors review,

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but, there are some additions and changes dealing with the Sharp XV-Z17000 projector's additional features. Of couse, the Sharp XV-Z17000 is a 3D projector as well as 2D, so there are extra items discussed - menu items, new buttons on the remote.

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Sharp XV-Z17000 Projector - Appearance

The XV-Z17000 is finished in a shiny black, with a silver lens barrel. Basically its a medium sized boxy projecto, but less tall than most.. Fortunately, black is the "color" you want for a plain looking projector. I don't think there's any chance that this Sharp projector will win any design awards. But it looks nice, and fairly clean (too many warning messages...)

The Sharp projector case design is one that they also use for business and education projectors It sports a couple of features not normally found on home theater projectors. One such is the recessed handle on the left side (looking from the back). Another feature is the auto keystone correction, and there are some fancy image rotating features as well. You aren't likely to use any of those, but, they are there.

Looking from the front, the manual 1.15:1 zoom lens is near the right side and recessed. Focus and zoom are done by rotating the appropriate rings on the lens barrel. It's a bit tight in there for those with big hands, but, hey, if you are ceiling mounting, you only have to set the zoom and focus one time. Meantime, that 1.15:1 means minimal placement flexibility. Further, the throw of the projector is short. I had to slide the table I use for viewing in the main theater, closer to the screen than I've had to with any of the other 4 home theater projectors reviewed since the move to the new room.

There's a sliding door that will close to cover the lens. The projector cannot be powered up with the door close!. I think the lens door is mostly a waste, for most people who buy the XV-Z17000, and mount it. I say that because it is manual. I just can't imaging people stretching or getting out a step ladder everytime you power up or down, though maybe if you are going away on a vacation. So, while the door when closed will keep dust and spiderwebs away, few will bother, it's just too inconvenient. Of course very few projectors have doors to begin with, so no real loss although two real competitors, the Sanyo PLV-Z4000 and their low cost Z700 do have motorized doors that close when you power down.

XV-Z17000 front

XV-Z15000 frontclosed

When the lens door is closed (again, which means power is off), the door to replace the lamp is accessable. It is in the front center, covered by the lens door when the lens is exposed. You can see all the small warning type on the door.

There is, of course, a front infra-red sensor for the remote (one in the back, too). The two drop down front feet are controlled by releases on each side of the projector just back from the front.

XV-Z17000 Control Panel

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It's a pretty typical control panel. The usual three indicator lights: Power, Lamp, and Temperature, located toward the left (looking from the rear). Next is the power switch - once for On, twice to power down. Next comes four buttons: Auto/keystone correction (you really don't want to be using keystone correction if possible), Resize (aspect ratio), Picture mode (ie. Dynamic, Movie 1, etc.), and the Menu button. To the right is the usual menu navigation controls, up/down/left/right in a round configuration, with the Enter button in the center. To the lower left of the ring, is the Return button. The Up arrow button doubles as an Input selector, when you are not in the Menu mode.

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