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Sharp XV-Z17000 Projector Review

First seeing a non-functioning sample of the Sharp XV-Z17000 at CEDIA last September, it’s been a long wait getting one in for review. I was very excited when I first learned the specs of the XV-Z17000, and have been impressed while reviewing. Although not inexpensive, at $4999, it is actually one of the least expensive 1080p 3D projectors so far. Our review projector is pre-production.

This XV-Z17000 came complete with a big SAMPLE sticker on the top. Since much of the 2D aspects are carry forward, we expected a pretty stable 2D projector, and that has proved true. 3D projectors, being pretty new, are always an “experience.”

Click to enlarge. SO close

This Z17000 review is being posted in pieces since I promised at least part, before Superbowl. First posting includes only first page, the tour, and pieces of Image and Performance pages. The review should be complete by the 8th.

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