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New Optoma HD33 Entry Level 1080p 3D home theater projector - The Scoop!

Greetings! I mentioned the Optoma HD33 the other day, when I wrote about the unofficial HD8300, I said that there was also supposed to be an HD33 projector or it might be an HD3300. Well, with much digging - that is - searching the internet. Optoma's been no help at all, in this case. I have learned a lot more. I've even laid my hands on a preliminary data sheet. If you would like to check that out,we are adding it to the HD33 specs page, we are building now.  This is the link for the HD33 specs page, and you'll find the pdf link there. The officially "unannounced" HD33, and also, I expect, an HD3300 for the local and big box dealers, look like this: Optoma HD33 1800 lumens 4000:1 contrast 3D ready, uses active shutter glasses 3D Compatibility: 120Hz Frame Sequential 3D for Resolutions Up to 720p, 60Hz Field Sequential 3D for Resolutions Up to 480i HDMI  1.4a (2), Blu-ray 3D compatibility Roughly 14.2x12.25x4.5 inches 7.7 pounds 1.2:1 zoom 30/28 db noise levels 230 watt lamp 0.65 Darkchip2 DLP Lamp Life 4000 / 3000 hours Lens offset is 116% - similar, I believe to older Optoma's The HD33 I expect, will launch (pretty soon, see below), with a 1 year parts and labor warranty, as that has been consistent for Optoma on their lower priced projectors for several years. If there's an HD3300 that turns out to be a similar projetor, for the local dealers - that might come with a longer warranty. Optoma HD33 Price tag?  Unknown.  Sorry about that!   I realize that's a key piece of info, but I couldn't find any indication anywhere.   If someone has some knowledge... let me know and I'll share the word. Meantime, the HD33 sounds like Optoma's idea of a 3D replacement for (or step up from) their HD20, which is one of the most popular home projectors of all time! Some of the info also on the original blogs I found, indlcated a ship date in the July - August time frame for the HD33, and also for the HD8300.  That's pretty soon, so I wouldn't be surprised if Optoma doesn't formally announce this projector in the next week or so, especially since it seems the cat is out of the bag (word leaked.) This is exciting.  Optoma usually takes good care of me, in terms of a getting us review units in the first batch to go out.  That means I'm making sure I can review the HD33 immediately, when it shows up here. Optoma also indicates on that pre-launch data sheet, that the HD33 projector is targeted to gamers as well as the usual movies, sports and general TV viewers. Let's go Optoma, the word's out, give us the rest of the info, especially price points and delivery dates!!! PS. That datasheet has a photo as well.  They show the lens on the right (looking from the front), usually Optoma's lens is on the left.  That said, reverse the HD33 projector's image and the HD33 looks a lot like the HD806 and its siblings.  These dimensions don't match anything else in the Optoma line up, of Optoma projectors I have reviewed. More on the Optoma HD33 when I know it.  -art  

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