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Epson Laser Projectors Light up New Exhibit at San Francisco Exploratorium - Guest Post by Rebekah Markillie

Guest Post By Rebekah Markillie

What happens to how you see yourself when you travel into a nonphysical space?

Epson’s laser projectors are powering this curiosity of the sciences, the arts and the “human perception” in the new “Infinity Room” exhibit at the Exploratorium – an immersive learning laboratory located at Pier 15 in San Francisco, CA.

Created by award-winning media artist and designer, Refik Anadol, the “Infinity Room” explores one’s sense of self and one’s awareness as it transforms in an otherworldly and artificial environment through 3D kinetic and architectural visualization.

“We are excited to partner with Refik as he continues to use our large venue laser projectors to push the envelope of what’s possible in the visual arts,” said Gavin Downey, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. “Refik is unique in his ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create human experiences that are about so much more than the technology itself.”

Inside the twelve-by-twelve foot “Infinity Room,” the distorted light and perpetually morphing visuals are powered by 4 Epson Pro L1505U projectors. These start-of-the-art laser projectors offer the high image quality and flexibility to create this immersive experience.

Epson’s Pro L1000-Series are the first projectors to offer integration with a laser-light source with an inorganic phosphor wheel, inorganic LCD panels, and Epson’s 3LCD technology. This combination boasts advanced performance, quality, reliability, and flexibility. This series contains 9 models from 6,000 to 15,0000 lumens, offers 9 optional lenses – one of which includes the world’s first zero-offset, ultra-short-throw lens.

“By using Epson’s laser projectors, ‘Infinity Room’ has almost 50,000 lumens, which creates a magical environment for Exploratorium visitors,” said Anadol. “Light is the major element in this exhibit, and I think the most important part of the experience is the quality of light the Epson laser projectors provide, as it is used to blur and interconnect the boundaries between the two realms of actual/fictional and physical/virtual.”

The “Infinity Room” exhibition will ran from June 15 through July 15, 2018, and was a featured installation at the Lightplay: Festival of Light June 16.

“Refik Anadol’s ‘Infinity Room’ is an inspiring, eye-opening experience,” says Chris Flink, the Exploratorium’s Sakurako and William Fisher Executive Director. “Digital and physical realities merge, and you become more attuned to what is happening around you. This curiosity and awareness [are] what we cultivate and curate at the Exploratorium – you make sense of the world and you become more awake to its possibilities. We’re ecstatic to be able to share ‘Infinity Room’ with our visitors this summer on Pier 15 and grateful to Epson for enabling it with their impressive projectors.”

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