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Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector - Performance

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Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector - Brightness

The PJD6383S is rated at 3000 lumens.  As there is no zooming ability, all measurements were taken with the projector displaying a 80” diagonal image, with the projector just 32” from the screen.  Short throw projectors usually vary in brightness quite a bit across the projected image, often dropping by 25 to 30% at the edges, compared to 10 to 15% for normal throw projectors.  Not so with the PJD6383S.  We measured an average reduction in lumen output of only 10% at the edges of the image.  This is excellent uniformity.

Right, the Viewsonic PJD6383S projector in its brightest mode.

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To determine the maximum brightness, our measurements were taken at the brightest point of the image (usually near the center).  Starting with the lamp in Brightest mode, we measured a high of 2966 lumens, pretty much right on the rated output.  Using PC mode, the output dropped to 2328 lumens, which is still quite good.  ViewMatch and Movie modes were equal at 2137 lumens.  Dynamic PC and Dynamic Movie modes came in at 2376 and 2185 lumens respectively.  Finally, the two User modes were equal in their default settings at 2328 lumens each.

Dropping the lamp into Eco brightness mode resulted in a drop of about 27%, which still provided 2153 lumens in Brightest mode.  This is accompanied by a 75 watt drop in power draw over Bright lamp mode.  As the rated lamp life is only 4000 hours in Standard lamp mode (vs. 3000 in Bright mode), it’s not likely to provide much cost savings unless you can use it most of the time.  As we’ve noted with previous models, adjusting Brilliant Color (BC) has a great affect on lumen output. Most modes use BC set at 10.  Turning down BC to 5 results in a 30% drop in output, which is pretty significant.  Turn BC down to 0 results in an additional drop of 29%, for a total of 59% from the “10” setting.  As reducing BC appeared to have a minimal effect on image quality, I’d expect most users to leave it set on 10.

Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector - Audible Noise

The Viewsonic PJD6383S is rated at 33 dB in Standard lamp mode and 29 dB in Eco lamp mode.  This noise level is only slightly higher than many home theater projectors in the PJD6383S’s price range and better than the average for multimedia projectors, especially ones this bright.  The Eco lamp’s 29 dB level in particular is noteworthy, as it is basically inaudible from a few feet away while the projector is still putting out over 2100 lumens in Brightest mode.  Combine either noise level with the 10 watts of built-in speaker power and it’s unlikely that projector noise would ever be a problem during a presentation with sound.

Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector - Networking

Connecting the PJD6383S to a computer network via its RJ-45 jack permits remote management and web browser control of almost all of the projector’s settings. The PJD6383S also supports Crestron’s RoomView network service.  Using software available as a free download from Crestron (, allows the user or their IT manager network control of up to 250 networked projectors.   Once set up, RoomView allows for centralized PC monitoring of lamp life, email alerts, notifications, help requests, service reminders, projector failure or theft and event scheduling. Unfortunately, there is no network projection capability.

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