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Viewsonic PJD6383S Short Throw DLP Multimedia Projector - Review Summary

Posted on July 23, 2013 by 
See this projector in our annual Classroom Projector Report, sponsored by: Click Here! A summary of the Viewsonic PJD6383S and a list of this Viewsonic projector's pros and cons. 2-4-2013 - Mike Rollet

Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector: Bottom Line

The Viewsonic PJD6383S pretty much ticks all the boxes when making a list of the desired features in a short throw, multimedia projector.  It has a sharp image across the screen with all resolutions, very good color rendition in most of the picture modes, very high brightness and does it all at a very reasonable price.  While its brightest mode didn’t have the greatest color accuracy, this is typical of much of the competition in the PJD6383S’s price range.

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Also, with the ability to produce accurate colors in other picture modes and still deliver over 2000 lumens, it’s not going to have a problem presenting in most lighting conditions.  Initial setup may take more time than other multimedia projectors, but that’s to be expected in any short throw projector.  Also, the advanced menu adjustments available allow the user to tailor the PJD6383S’s color balance to their taste.  Noise level in either lamp mode was never objectionable and the built-in 10 watt speaker system provides adequate sound levels without external, powered speakers.

The PJD6383S compares well to another short throw projectors in its price range.  Most are either noisier or have lower output.  A few years ago, the BenQ MP772ST was one of our runners up for Best in Classroom.  Both projectors use the same technology (DLP) and the same type of short throw projection (via a convex lens).  They are similarly priced, but the PJD6383S is rated at 500 lumens higher than the BenQ.  Both projectors have very good warranties, with Viewsonic’s Express Exchange service tipping the balance in its favor.

Overall, the PJD6383S should be seriously considered for anyone looking for a bright, low priced, short throw projector.  Whether you’re performing a presentation with or without sound, or playing videos, the PJD6383S displays a sharp image with very good color reproduction.  In addition, its exceptional (for a short throw projector) uniformity is among the best in its class.  Another of Viewsonic’s best selling points is its good warranty and support, when you combine that with excellent performance and a great price, you can’t go wrong with the Viewsonic PJD6383S.

Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector: Pros

  • Runs quieter than many projectors in its class
  • Very good image with native resolution or higher and good color accuracy with all but the brightest mode
  • No dust filter to keep clean
  • Short throw allows projector to be in front of the presenter
  • Good warranty and support with one year warranty on lamp and Express Exchange service

Viewsonic PJD6383S Projector: Cons

  • Short throw and lack of zooming ability makes for slow setup
  • No network display capability or wireless networking

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