Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector Specifications

Sony VPL-HW40ES Specs
Projector ModelVPL-HW40ES
TechnologySXRD (3)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)1700
Contrast Ratio-
Native Resolution1920x1080
Max Resolution
Native Aspect Ratio16:9
Video CompatibilityComponent, S-video, Composite
HDTV720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/50, 480p, 480i
Lamp Life2000 hours
Noise Level (-db)21.0
Power Zoom/FocusNo
Lens ShiftYes
Zoom Lens Ratio1.60:1
Optional Lens
Wireless Networking
Dimensions7.1H x 16.0D x 18.3W
Warranty3 years

News And Comments

  • Alejandro Fabela Palma

    Thank you for the excellent review, Art! It’s a shame that this review posted so late. A couple of online and brick and mortar retailers are offering $500.00 off MSRP on this projector until July 12 (Today!) so the window to save is pretty short….Unless Sony decides to extend the deal, of course.


      Hi Alejandro,

      Ah, rebates come and go. Sometimes they are constantly renewed, in the attempt to create a continuous sense of urgency. Some manufacturers over the years have had offers such as free extended warranties, or cash rebates, that are published expiring in a month, but every month are renewed. On the other hand, some manufacturers put nice rebates on projectors when they first launch them (usually with short expirations) to try to get sales off to a good start. As an example, seems that Panasonic has almost always launched new AE series home projectors with an extra year of warranty.

      Since price does matter, any major discounts such as a $500 rebate do affect people’s decisions. But to try to write assuming a given rebate or special, means having to update reviews and comparisons constantly. Thus we leave it up to you to figure out when a rebate is big enough to tip your decision from one projector to another. Certainly the Sony is a better value if it’s got a rebate, than without. BTW the other things that has to be taken into consideration that affect value are: included “stuff” such as 3D glasses, or longer warranties, or spare lamps, or ceiling mounts, wireless HDMI, etc. -art

      • Dr-Mohamed Adel Khalil

        Hi dear,

        Thank you for all impressive review ,,, I need help ,,

        i have panasonic ae7000 and i want to upgrade my HT projector ,, are you think i should buy HW40es or ae8000 ?? Which is better

        in black level and 3d picture ?? i know ae8000 480 hz and hw40es 240 hz ………… i hope you help me :)

  • gabthenab

    Hello Art .. for sports games with fast moving is there and judder or proplem with this sony ,, cause as i understand there is no CFi .. and im a soccer fan .. thanks alot for ur review ..


      Hi, judder shouldn’t be a problem since your HDTV feed is likely 1080i at 60fps. That said, CFI does “smooth things out.” Personally I’m not a huge fan of CFI, I really only use it for sports, and typically on whatever Low setting a projector has. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with soccer without it, but that’s a personal call. Regardless of the projector I’m using, even for sports, I tend to turn on CFI less than half the time (probably because I don’t think about it.

      Hope that helps. BTW I wouldn’t consider soccer to be fast moving (compared to say tennis, table tennis, or hockey, or even pitching in baseball). I don’t watch much soccer, but from my experience, most of the camera shots are from a distance, so moving across the screen far slower than if a close up. -art