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Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector Review - Advanced Calibration Information

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Phil Jones

Sony VPL-HW40ES CMS Calibration

CMS Adjustments
Red Yellow
Color 0 0
Hue -3 -2
Brightness 1 0

As usual, Sony has provided a very accurate BT.709 color space, in addition to three wider gamut color spaces.  As far as picture quality is concerned, the different color spaces used by TV and Cinema Film 1 make for more saturated colors and may be desirable depending on the source.

There is a CMS included, but the BT.709 color space is so accurate that only a few minor adjustments to red and yellow improved the chromaticity error.  The improvements are so slight that they are not able to be discerned by the naked eye.  The adjustments are as follows (default = 0):

Before adjustment, the highest chromaticity error was 3.6% for Yellow hue, which is pretty good for CMS adjusted colors and excellent for a default color space.  After adjustment, that dropped to 1% and no other error exceeded 2%.  In any event, the picture quality is excellent.  Previously, I said the HW55ES was the most “plug-and-play” projector I’ve seen, but the HW40ES takes that crown.

Calibration Charts

Pre- and post-calibration charts, click to enlarge.

Sony VPL-HW40ES Pre-Calibration CIE Chart (REC 709)

Sony VPL-HW40ES Pre-Calibration CIE Chart (CS3)

Sony VPL-HW40ES Post-Calibration CMS Chart

Sony VPL-HW40ES Gamma 2.2 Chart

Sony VPL-HW40ES Gamma 2.4 Chart

Sony VPL-HW40ES Grayscale (Gamma 2.2) Chart

Sony VPL-HW40ES Grayscale (Gamma 2.4) Chart

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