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Sony VPL-HW40ES Home Theater Projector – Hardware Tour 3


Sony HW40ES Menus

Rather than long descriptive paragraphs, for our discussion of menus, I have added captions to a number of the menu photos in this player.  Many of these menus are self explanatory, and the features on some others are discussed elsewhere.

VPL-HW40ES Menus

Menus - Comments

Sony has a very good, and intuitive menu system.  And it’s very familiar if you’ve previously worked with other Sony projectors.

The primary difference between the menus on the HW40ES and its big brother, the HW55ES is not the layout, but rather what’s in the sub-menus.

There are many elements – mostly “luxuries” that can be found on the HW55ES but not the 40ES.

Typical are differences like these:

  • HW40ES only has two menu positions, less cosmetic adjustments
  • HW40ES has only one Custom gamma instead of many
  • HW40ES – no iris controls, because there’s no iris
  • HW40ES – Fewer Color Temp options