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AAXA M7 Portable LED Projector Review - Summary

Posted on September 7, 2021 by Philip Boyle

The AAXA M7 is small enough to take with you almost anywhere. I wish it had a carrying bag included like the M6 but I guess the performance upgrades on the M7 are a fair tradeoff. The built-in media player provides users PC-free operation and makes presenting from a USB source easy. The M7 displays a bright picture, better than some other Pico projectors reviewed by my colleagues here at Projector Reviews.

The picture is very watchable even in a room with a modest amount of ambient light. Bigger projectors will undoubtedly have better built-in sound and a brighter image. However, they will certainly be considerably larger and heavier than the M7.

I find so much about this projector appealing but nothing as much as the very affordable $488.00 price. This AAXA LED projector is capable of displaying good color with its four out-of-the-box Image modes. AAXA hit a home run regarding the M7's ability to produce a sharp 1080p picture. I did not expect to see this kind of image detail in such an affordable HD Pico projector.

The AAXA M7 is capable of displaying decent color with its four out-of-the-box Image modes. Contrast on this projector is a weak spot, with the blacks being crushed in darker content most of the time. AAXA hit a home run regarding the M7's ability to produce a sharp 1080p picture. I did not expect this kind of image detail in such an affordable portable 1080P LED projector.

The M7 measured a respectable 626 ANSI lumens in its brightest setting. The M7 offers a total of three lamp modes: ECO, Standard, and Boost. All the measurements I took were in the projector's Dynamic picture setting coupled with the Boost lamp mode. This combination will provide the highest brightness but I think the Standard lamp mode produces a very pleasant image along with a lower fan noise level.

The AAXA M7 can project on a blank wall or screen, making it ideal for rooms where space is limited. TV shows and movies look good. Taking a few minutes to adjust the colors using the User Picture and Color modes makes a difference.

For just $488.00, the M7 lets you easily produce any size image you want up to 200 inches diagonally and all without a very high price tag.

The AAXA M7 weighs just under three pounds and measures a compact 7.3 inches x 6.4 inches x 1.85 inches. The projector comes with a built-in, replaceable, three-hour battery (in ECO mode) allowing you to use the M7 in more places even without the included external power brick.


  • $488.00
  • 626 ANSI Lumens
  • LED Lamp lasts up to 30,000 hours (ECO mode)
  • Media Player for PC-free presenting and playback
  • 3-hour Internal, Removable Battery
  • A Sharp Full HD 1080p Image
  • Reasonably Good Color¬†Out-of-the-Box
  • USB-C device mirroring
  • Portable at 2.99 pounds and measuring 7.3 inches x 6.4 inches x 1.85 inches
  • Can produce an image from 20 inches up to 200 inches
  • Automatic Vertical Keystone Adjustment


  • 4-Watt Stereo Speakers are not loud enough
  • Poor placement of the IR remote sensor.
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • The fan is very loud in the bightest lamp mode
  • Adjusting the displayed image settings is awkware requiring too many steps
  • No carrying case
  • No backlight on the remote or control pad



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