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BenQ EW800ST Smart Classroom Projector Review – Special Features

Posted on April 1, 2020 by Nikki Zelinger

BenQ EW800ST Smart Classroom Projector Review – Special Features: Personal Cloud Storage, BenQ Smart Control App, Downloadable Apps, Wi-Fi (Dongle Included) + Bluetooth, Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor, Support for HID-Compliant Mice

Personal Cloud Storage


The BenQ EW800ST allows teachers to access their class material via Personal Cloud Storage, using their BenQ AMS account. This allows them to manage their lessons for both online and face to face classes.


I’ve always seen great value in such a feature for classroom projectors. Sometimes, teachers have a brilliant idea for a lesson while at home, and having access to their materials through the cloud can help them bring it to life right then and there.

BenQ makes this process incredibly simple: Teachers can scan an on-screen QR Code when in the classroom, or log in manually to access their Personal Cloud Storage. AMS is an exclusive software of BenQ.

BenQ Smart Control App

By downloading the BenQ Smart Control App to their smart device, Teachers to use their phone or tablet to control the projector.

Downloadable Apps

The BenQ EW800ST has several apps to aid in efficiency.


File Manager: Browse, open, and manage files stored on cloud-based storage drives linked to the corresponding AMS login account, the projector’s internal storage, or in connected storage devices such as a USB flash drive).


WPS Office App: Opens PDFs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.


X-Sign Broadcast: Broadcast announcements or messages, which are created and scheduled on the X-Sign website, using a BenQ Identity and Access Management (IAM) account.


BenQ Suggests: Wiew Apps suggested by BenQ for download.

Wi-Fi (Dongle Included) + Bluetooth


The BenQ EW800ST projector supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, via a wireless dongle (WDR02U). The dongle is installed by unscrewing the rectangular box at the back and sliding that off to reveal the Wi-Fi dongle’s input.

Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor

The BenQ EW800ST has features a sensor for dust accumulation, which prevents dust from accumulating on the color wheel. Why does this matter? When dust settles on the color wheel, colors can dim, distort, and loose accuracy.

This feature is internationally recognized as being IP5X-certified for protection against hair, dust, and other particulates. The projector has been put through dust tests so BenQ could measure the unit’s dustproofing before it hit the market.

Support for HID-Compliant Mice


The EW800ST has support for HID-Compliant Mice. Those are the regular mice you’d use with a computer. I consider this a definite plus because some teachers will prefer to use a mouse to control features like the WPS Office App, since that’s what they’re most used to. The projector caters to the old-school, while bringing in the technological for the best of both worlds.

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