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BenQ HT9060 Projector- Calibration 2

BenQ HT9060 Projector Review – Calibration Settings: HDR


The HT9060 is capable of HDR. When fed an HDR signal the projector automatically switches to the HDR picture mode (called HDR10) and defaults to the BT2020 color space. There are very few adjustments in HDR10 and I left most of them at the factory default. There are other color space options in HDR (Auto, BT709, BT2020, and DCI-P3) but the default BT2020 setting performed the best. The white balance adjustments in HDR are extremely sensitive and caused more harm than good, so I left these at the default values as well.

Peak white in HDR measure at 155cdm2. The EOTF tracked well, rolling off at around 40% stimulus. The greyscale was slightly blue and unfixable due to the sensitivity of the white balance controls in HDR. The color gamut was fairly accurate measuring 97% of the P3 color gamut. 2020 coverage was almost 80% which puts in on par with a lot of flat panel displays.

Final ANSI lumen calculation

Calibrated mode (User 1)
Lens zoomed all the way in – 1380.57 lumens
Lens zoomed all the way out – 854.29 lumens
Lens zoomed ½ way – 1166.68 lumens

Calibrated Settings SDR:

Picture Mode User 1
Color Temperature Normal
Gamma 2.4
Brightness 51
Contrast 36
Color 50
Tint 50
Sharpness 8

White Balance:

Picture Mode Customize
Red High 103
Green High 100
Blue High 96
Red Low 253
Green Low 256
Blue Low 256

Color Management:

Color Hue Saturation Gain
Red 232 194 145
Green 120 168 162
Blue 149 200 164
Cyan 261 136 190
Magenta 118 167 177
Yellow 134 167 189