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BenQ W6000 Projector - Image Quality 7

Posted on September 21, 2009 by Art Feierman

From the DVE-HD test disc

The BenQ W6000 should be very attractive to HD sports fanatics like myself. The combination of an extremely sharp image and lots of lumens, is tough to beat. The only downside comes from the absolute brightest mode, which has the color temp set for Native Lamp, which doesn't have full color controls. With that setup, the W6000 is really strong on greens (and a bit on yellow) so it cranks out the lumens, but leaves a fair amount to be desired from a color accuracy standpoint.

Here are a few assorted, additional images, some of which can be found on other recent reviews:

In this regard, it's much like the Epson 6500UB, although with the Epson which also puts out around 1800 lumens at its brightest (mid-zoom on the lens), can get to good color and still have about 1500 lumens. So far, my best attempt at bright and very good color (taming those greens and yellows a bit), is coming up around 1250 lumens.

The thing is, the BenQ can do pretty great color at over 1000 lumens, besting the Epson. I've mostly watched the BenQ W6000 in Standard mode, with Normal color temp, and contrast up a bit. That's giving me that about 1250 lumens, and it really is a great picture for football.

BenQ W6000 Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

Other HDTV looks equally well, and remember, your "best mode" with Brilliant Color on (I prefer it off, personally), still does about 1050 lumens, so it's bright compared to most other projectors, allowing you to enjoy your HDTV, with lots of lumens, yet the same accurate color of a "best" movie mode.

To the right, a shot of the room lighting when these images were taken. One door's window is open about 20 inches, with sunlight pouring in. In addition, I've got 4 recessed in ceiling halogens on, near full brightness.

Like long time ago, when I owned BenQ 720p projectors, the W6000 really does great on sports. And, as an added bonus, it's even brighter than my old BenQs.


BenQ W6000 Bottom Line on HDTV Sports

No complaint here, at all. The sharpness and power make it an excellent choice for those that want their HDTV, at least some times, with its fair amount of ambient light present. While the absolute brightest doesn't have great color, it will work in a pinch if your lighting is really a problem. It might have been nice if the W6000 had some creative frame interpolation for sports viewing, but, hey, CFI is still pretty new, and will likely get a lot better before everyone starts screaming that they can't live without it (for sports).

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