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BenQ W6000 Projector Review-2

Posted on September 21, 2009 by Art Feierman

BenQ W6000 Frame Interpolation

The BenQ seems to have basic frame interpolation. Still waiting for clarification from BenQ. There definitely is no creative frame interpolation. Best guess as of right now, is that the W6000 takes 60fps to 120, and probably 24fps to either 48 or 96.

W6000 Picture In Picture

I love the idea of Picture In Picture. I'd so love to be able to watch a football game projected filling the screen, and have a small window open with my computer signal, so I can see my Fantasy Football tracking. Or a second game. (Yes, I am fully aware of DirecTV's 6 games at once option, but that's NFL, and I watch even more College Football, than NFL).

The BenQ can't do what I want, however. It can have two images, the full screen and a smaller inserted screen, but, the choice of sources is limiting. If your first source is component video, HDMI or computer input, then the second source must be either S-video or composite video.

And that folks, is a real shame. I could go with the full screen being fantasy football, and have the game come in on either s-video or composite, but, hey, I don't even have a wiring solution for my projectors anymore, for those lower performance video sources, and besides, with a 128" screen, the larger available size for the Picture In source is more than large enough to make reading my fantasy football computer screens no problem.

Some of you may find good uses for the Picture in Picture (you could have that game on, and have a Wii playing in the the window, for example). If you are using it, there are four different positions on the full screen where you can locate the smaller window. In addition, you can choose between two sizes for that smaller "Picture In" window.

280 Watt Lamp

Click to enlarge. So close.

Image on right side - from Hunt For Red October

This is worthy of mention simply because if the W6000 doesn't have the highest wattage lamp of any projector under $5000, it's close.

Click Image to Enlarge

This is a key reason for the BenQ W6000's very bright performance in its best movie watching mode. On the downside, that makes the BenQ a little less green than the competition (drawing more power). Most under $5000 projectors have lamps with wattages between 160 and 240 lumens. (3LCD designs are more efficient so they almost all have lamps drawing 200 watts or less.)

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