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BenQ W6000 Projector - Warranty

Posted on September 21, 2009 by Art Feierman

The BenQ W6000 projector comes with a one year, parts and labor warranty.

Two year warranties are pretty much the standard for 1080p projectors, with some models offering three, and a number of lower cost, entry level models with only one.

Three year warranties will be found on the BenQ W20000, the Sanyo projectors , and the soon to be released (10/09) Epson Pro Cinema 9500 UB and Pro Cinema 9100 (both of which include an overnight replacement program).

One year though, is found mostly on under $2000 home projectors. This BenQ, and the Panasonic PT-AE3000 are the primary exceptions (over $2000), and Panasonic often runs a free extra year warranty as a rebate.

I'll recommend picking up a 3rd party extended warranty if you buy a W6000. They are typically under $100. A factory warranty is going to be easier (to deal with) than a 3rd party warranty, if you have a problem, but, hey, you aren't likely to need either.

Bottom line: While repairs on home theater projectors are pretty infrequent, they tend to be expensive. I always recommend that everyone have two years of coverage.

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