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Epson Files Lawsuits Against Projector Sellers for Misleading Claims

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Epson Files Lawsuits Against Projector Sellers for Misleading Claims

By Diane Jones We have reviewed several Epson projectors and know that they make some great high-value solutions that deliver a sharp bright image. However, some manufacturers make it difficult to compare a model like the Epson Home Cinema 880 (shown above) by using a non-industry standard method to measure brightness.. In a continuing effort to make sure customers are not being given inaccurate information and highlighting the need for projector manufacturers to use industry-standard specifications, Epson America filed a lawsuit in late November against four projector brands sold on Amazon -- Vankyo, WiMiUS, GooDee, and Bomaker. Epson is focusing this suit on how these four brands do not use the industry-standard specifications and can potentially be deceptive in their claims, specifically the quoting of “LUX” instead of lumens on projectors. A manufacturer might advertise that their projector can deliver 6,500 LUX of brightness which might seem like a lot but there is a catch. LUX is not a standard projector measurement so it can’t be used to compare brightness between projectors from different manufacturers. It might be helpful when comparing two “LUX” rated models in the brand’s lineup, but it can’t be used to compare brightness with another manufacturer’s projectors, so it is becomes a meaningless number. A LUX number does not tell a consumer how bright an image will be on your screen nor help you compare as you can see below. Lumens was adopted by the industry to provide consumers with a consistent way to compare actual projector performance. The lawsuit comes in advance of the holiday shopping season when consumers will be looking for new at-home solutions to stay entertained as cinemas nationwide had to shut their doors.
“We are seeing more connected households embrace big-screen viewing solutions than ever before. As we enter the busy holiday season, we want to ensure that consumers are receiving the vital information needed to make informed purchasing decisions,” said Mike Isgrig, vice president, consumer sales and marketing, Epson America, Inc. “Epson invests considerable time and money to ensure performance claims are based on industry standards, and we take it seriously when companies blatantly mislead consumers with non-standard specifications. This lawsuit underscores Epson’s commitment to support a fair marketplace and deter sellers and manufacturers who by misleading projector consumers, damage the credibility of the entire industry.” As shoppers head into the holiday buying season, Epson aims to underscore the importance of understanding the specifications claimed and used in selling practices. Projector brightness, measured in lumens and tested according to industry standards, is one of the main specifications used by consumers in the purchase process to compare performance. Epson has worked diligently to ensure its projectors meet industry standards and that misleading public claims by other manufacturers are corrected. When brands, such as the four listed in the lawsuit, quote LUX instead of lumens it can hurt the projection industry.
Epson is committed to ensuring consumers have accurate and consistent specifications. The methodology for measuring projector color brightness and separately white brightness are fully defined in international standards published by ISO/IEC and the ICDM in the IDMS. When these recognized standards are followed, there is zero ambiguity regarding how projectors are to be properly measured and compared for both white brightness and color brightness.

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