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Epson Reveals Flexible and Smart EpiqVision Flex Projectors

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by Philip Boyle
Epson EpiqVision Projectors

Today Epson introduced two new projectors, the CO-W01, $429.99 MSRP, and the CO-FH02, $629.99 MSRP, designed to address the new normal of today's hybrid work environment where employees spend part of the week working from home and another part working in the office. This hybrid work lifestyle and even a full-time work-from-home lifestyle can be enhanced by having access to devices specifically dedicated to work or play. Epson says these two projectors are perfect for business and epic for at-home enjoyment, the Epson EpiqVision Flex series is designed to deliver stunning visuals for presentations and immersive movie-watching.

Access to smart, adaptable technology tools has become essential as business professionals maintain hybrid work and home lifestyles. Acknowledging this new work-life dynamic, Epson has unveiled the new Epson EpiqVision® Flex CO-FH02 Smart Portable Projector and Epson EpiqVision® Flex CO-W01 Portable Projector, offering convenience and ease of use in a range of viewing environments. These projectors provide users with a single device that can meet all the needs of a robust professional projector combined with a home video projector, offering best-in-class features and performance for work or play. 

Epson says that the new EpiqVision Flex projectors are designed to "own any room." This is their way of saying that the Epson CO-FH02 and CO-W01 provide hybrid workers the opportunity to own a projector that offers both bright, detailed images for work content like PowerPoint presentations and the picture performance required to play your favorite movies and TV shows. 

These two additions to the EpiqVision line are called "Flex" projectors.

"As today's hybrid lifestyles continue to evolve, it is important that professionals are equipped with solutions that are easily adaptable to various environments and suitable for a range of applications," said Kenny Tang, Product Manager, Projectors, Epson America, Inc. "Whether presenting to peers during the day or hosting a movie night with friends, larger and more immersive viewing makes a big difference. With the EpiqVision Flex projectors, users will experience the best of both worlds with technology that offers convenience, versatility, and most importantly, incredibly bright and engaging big-screen images."


Boasting sleek and compact designs, the Epson EpiqVision Flex CO-FH02 and CO-W01 projectors easily fit into satchels or backpacks for on-the-go viewing virtually anywhere. These two new EpiqVision Flex projectors are designed to be as light as possible without asking users to sacrifice performance.


These EpiqVision Flex projectors are lamp-based, offering 12,000 hours of lamp life in ECO mode with best-in-class color brightness to deliver detailed, high-quality visuals in various lighting situations. The Epson CO-FH02 and CO-W01 projectors are equipped with 3,000 lumens to provide a big-screen picture up to 300 inches. With images four times larger than a 75-inch flat panel, users will experience engaging presentations and immersive movie-watching experiences.


Epson's LCD projection systems separate the light from the light source into three primary colors: red, green, and blue (RGB). Each beam of light passes through a different LCD, one for each primary color, creating a red image on one LCD, a green image on another, and a blue image on the third. The three beams are recombined into a single beam with a special prism before they reach the projection lens, thus producing a faithful and vivid full-color image. The images look natural and do not suffer from an issue called color breakup or rainbow effect, which occurs when colors are presented sequentially.

In addition, Epson's Advanced Scene Adaptive Color Correction provides real-time automatic scene-based color correction, which produces a color-focused, clear, and realistic picture regardless of the content being played.


Equipped with Epson's advanced 3-chip 3LCD technology, both projectors offer a range of connectivity options from built-in HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi. However, each connects wirelessly via different options, with the less expensive CO-W01 featuring internal wireless connectivity and the CO-FH02 connecting via an included USB smart media adaptor. While the CO-W01 projector features a built-in HDMI® port and speaker to assist video conferencing, the CO-FH02 projector also includes Android TV®3 to stream your favorite channels, including Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube™, and more4, straight from the box. The CO-FH02 even supports Chromecast™5, making it easy to wirelessly cast content directly from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other popular Android and Apple® devices.6


Both the CO-W01 and the CP-FH02 are designed to be flexible and versatile solutions for virtual meetings and learning. These new EpiqVision Flex projectors enhance meetings and learning at home with detailed, life-sized images perfect for Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams® video conferencing. Enjoy virtual hangouts with friends and family like you are in the room.


  • 3,000 lumens color/white brightness
  • Advanced Scene Adaptive Color Correction
  • HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-B
  • Built-in sound
  • Epson 3-chip 3LCD technology
  • CO-FH02 displays Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) displayed resolution
  • CO-W01 displays e WXGA (1280 x 800) displayed resolution
  • Display an image over 300-inches diagonally
  • Light source life 6,000 hours (NORMAL), 12,000 hours (ECO)
  • Up to 16.8 million colors
  • HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.3) Dynamic Contrast adjustments
  • Keystone correction: vertical: ±30 degrees; horizontal: ±30 degrees
  • 1-year projector limited warranty


The Epson EpiqVision Flex CO-FH02 Smart Portable Projector (MSRP $629.99) and Epson EpiqVision Flex CO-W01 Portable Projector (MSRP $429.99) are available now through the Epson online store and select retailers. Both models offer a standard one-year limited warranty, full-unit replacement, and free technical phone support for the product's life. 

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