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Epson Powerlite 1815p, 1810p: Overview

The Epson Powerlite EMP-1815p is a relatively compact, medium weight portable XGA resolution projector. It is designed to be both high performance (rated 3500 lumens), and also, to be exceptionally capable when it comes to features, including both wireless and wired networking. It possesses advanced features such as email notification for maintanence or failure, and a host of other goodies. In this review we will consider the performance of the 1815p, and also the less expensive Powerlite 1810p, which lacks the networking features of the Powerlite 1815p, but is otherwise the same.

In the past I’ve reviewed Epson’s entry level projectors (like the SVGA resolution S4 and S3, before it), and some of their micro-portables (under 4 pounds). This is the first time I have chosen a mid-sized portable, one fully capable as a “fixed – install” projector, but, also, more than sufficiently portable for those looking for a high power, moderately lightweight projector that, for example, is easily small enough to be carry-on luggage on your favorite airline.