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Epson PowerLite 955WH Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on April 17, 2016 by Art Feierman
Epson Powerlite 955WH Projector - Hardware Tour 2:  Menus The PowerLite 955WH has a well organized menu structure with good on-screen graphics.  The menus are very similar to those found on other Epson business and education projectors.  

Image Menu


When the menu button is pressed, the top level “Image” menu is displayed, as shown in the 1st gallery photo above.  This menu has the usual adjustments for the “color mode” along with the image settings for that mode.  The 2nd photo above shows the sub-menu for the available color modes.

A color temperature adjustment, as shown is the 3rd photo above, is available is certain color modes and can be used to raise or lower the default color temperature for the selected color mode.

A “color adjustment” menu (as shown in the 4th photo above) can be accessed via the “image” menu that allows the user to adjust the red, blue and green color gains.  That allows for creating a custom color temperature or fine tuning the preset color temperatures.  Unlike the color temperature/grey scale adjustments found on some other projectors, the is no RGB bias controls for separately adjusting the levels for just the darker shades.

I noted that the auto iris feature is only available in certain color modes  (e.g., Theater).

Signal Menu

Epson 955WH-Menu-Signal

The “Signal” menu is shown in the photo above.  This menu allows the user to adjust the processing to be used for the input signal.

Setttings and Extended Settings Menus

Epson 955WH-Menu-Settings

The “Settings” menu is shown in the photo above.  This menu includes options for configuring the projector for the specific application/environment.

The “Extended” [settings] menu is shown in the photo below.  This is an essential menu for the initial setup of the projector.  The “extended” menu includes the essential settings for configuring the projector for the specific installation.  This includes such items as the section of the menu language and projector mounting configuration (table top vs. ceiling mounted and front vs. rear projection).  By default the configuration is table top and front projection.  This menu may be needed during initial projector setup.

Epson 955WH-Menu-Extended Settings

Network Menu

The top-level Network menu is shown in the 1st photo above and one of the sub-menu for wired network/LAN settings is shown in the 2nd photo.  When the optional Epson wireless adapter has been installed, the projector can be setup to operate on the Wi-Fi network using the available wireless network sub-menus.

Eco Menu

Epson 955WH-Menu-Eco

The Eco menu is shown in the above photo.  Eco mode lowers the lamp output (i.e., reduced image brightness) which results in reduced power consumption and extended the lamp life.  Other energy saving options are offered via this menu.

Info and Reset Menus

Epson 955WH-Menu-Info

The top-level Info menu is shown above.  From this menu the user can learn information about the projector (e.g., serial number or hours of use on the lamp) or the version number for the installed firmware.

The reset menu (not shown) can be used to reset the projector to the factory default settings.

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