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Epson Powerlite 97H Projector Review - Summary

Posted on June 22, 2015 by Art Feierman
Epson Powerlite 97H Projector - Summary The Epson PowerLite 97H provides a bright, sharp image with good color accuracy (in some of the available color modes).  It is easy to set up with its 1.2:1 zoom lens plus vertical and horizontal keystone correction adjustments.  It offers some very bright modes that will allow it to used in a classroom with moderately bright lighting.   The projector can be either table mounted or ceiling mounted and is small enough to be considered a portable projector that could easily be moved between classrooms or conference rooms. This is a XGA resolution (1024 x 768) projector with a 4 x 3 aspect ratio.  While this may seem 'old fashion' by today's standards, there are many classrooms equipped with such projectors and the companion 4 x 3 screens and the Powerlite 97H provides a very cost effective alternative to directly replacing an existing projector.  Also Epson offers very aggressive education discounts for their projectors and lamps being purchased by schools, making the cost to replace an old or broken projector with a Powerlite 97H very low. Epson Powerlite 97H-Bond-1  


  • very sharp display with good focus over the entire image
  • only minor color fringing visible on displayed text, even when viewed up very close and none visible for normal viewing distance, indicating  good alignment of LCD panels and also good optics with a low level of  chromatic aberration
  • excellent readability of text and presentation graphics
  • excellent scaling from higher resolution inputs down to the native display resolution
  • can display photos, videos, or slide shows directly from a USB flash drive
  • high light output (~1700 lumens) possible even in modes with good color accuracy and even brighter modes available
  • multiple Epson projectors can be controlled and managed from a central PC using the supplied software
  • moderator software allows classroom collaboration with the display of the content from up to 4 devices (e.g., laptops or mobile devices) using a split screen display  (requires optional wireless network adapter to enable use with of mobile devices)
  • presentations can be controlled via a mobile Android or iOS device (requires optional wireless network adapter)
  • content from mobile devices can be directly displayed by the PowerLite 97H (requires optional wireless network adapter)
  • very good reception coverage of the IR signals from the supplied remote control enabled by the projector having IR receivers on both the front and rear panels
  • built-in 16 watt speaker, with better than average sound quality, and a microphone input provide good audio capabilities for use in a moderate size class room or conference room
  • has both vertical and manual horizontal keystone correction adjustments for when the projector cannot be positioned at the ideal location relative to the screen.
  • long lamp life with up to 5,000 hours in normal mode and 10,000 hours in eco mode
  • very attractive pricing, especially with Epson's discount available to schools


  • remote can be difficult to operate in a dark room, since it has no backlight
  • dust filter that must be maintained
  • a relatively high black level and a modest contrast ratio means this projector is not the ideal choice for critical video viewing (such as might be desired for a film arts class) in a darkened room with good light control.
  • moderately high fan noise level when operated in normal mode
  • while OK for displaying the occasional video in a classroom, the Powerlite 97H is limited by its native XGA resolution and 4 x 3 aspect ratio - meaning this is not the ideal projector for displaying HD video.  If this is a priority for your application, then a projector with WXGA resolution & 16 x 10 aspect ratio, such as the Powerlite 99WH, would be a better choice.

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