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Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review - Hardware 2

Posted on July 31, 2020 by Nikki Zelinger

Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review – Hardware 2: Control Panel, Remote Control, Menus

Control Panel

The U50's manual lens controls are hidden under a removable door.
The U50's manual lens controls are hidden under a removable door.

The Epson PowerLite U50 has the most simple control panel I've ever seen on a business/education projector to date. It has but a single button: On/Off. Don't lose your remote control.

Remote Control

The Epson PowerLite U50 uses the same remote control as every other PowerLite projector I've reviewed, and their BrightLink projectors. The remote is well laid out, easy to hold, and has a Color Mode button for quick-selecting color modes. This is one of the buttons you are most likely to use regularly, as well as the one for selecting your source, and the volume controls.

Epson BrightLink 710Ui Remote Control

The Menus

The Epson PowerLite U50 uses Epson's usual menus for their business and education projectors, which is well organized and easy to navigate.

Image Menu

Epson-PowerLite-U50 Menu-1_Image-Menu

The Epson PowerLite U50's Image Menu

Signal Menu


The Epson PowerLite U50's Signal Menu

Settings Menu


The Epson PowerLite U50's Settings Menu

Extended Menu


The Epson PowerLite U50's Extended Menu

Network Menu


The Epson PowerLite U50's Network Menu

ECO Menu


The Epson PowerLite U50's ECO Menu

Info Menu


The Epson PowerLite U50's Info Menu

That does it for our tour of the Epson PowerLite U50's hardware! Next up is our discussion of the projector's picture and sound quality.

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