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Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on June 25, 2020 by Nikki Zelinger

Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review – Special Features: Low Maintenance, Advanced Networking, Compatible with PC and Mac, Built-in Wi-Fi + iProjection App

Low Maintenance

ELPLP97 Replacement Projector Lamp / Bulb
ELPLP97 Replacement Projector Lamp / Bulb
Replacement Air Filter V13H134A59
Replacement Air Filter V13H134A59

The Epson PowerLite U50 has extra low maintenance, rivaling solid-state projectors for both light engine and filter lifespan. A typical laser or LED projector boasts up to 20,000 hours on their light engine lifespan and for their filters.

This lamp-based Epson, by comparison, claims up to 17,000 hours on the lamp, and up to 20,000 hours for those filters. Those are the claims for ECO Mode, which is most impressive.

At full power, you can expect the lamp and filters to last up to 10,000 hours before needing a change. That lamp, if you're an educator, will cost just $59 to replace thanks to Epson's Brighter Futures Education Program.

With the PowerLite U50, you get all the benefits of a solid-state projector, at a lamp-based price.

Advanced Networking

The Epson PowerLite U50 has advanced networking features:

  • Network Email Alerts - You can set up the projector to send you an e-mail alert over the network if there is a problem with the projector via the Menu
  • Simple Network Management Protocol - Network administrators can install SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) software on network computers so they can monitor projectors.
  • Network Control via Web Browser - Once you have connected your projector to your network, you can select projector settings and control projection using a compatible web browser. This lets you access the projector remotely. (Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or later, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari on networks that do not use a proxy server for connection.)
  • Compatible with Command and Control Software - Crestron Connected, AMX, PJ Link.

Built-in Wi-Fi + iProjection App

The Epson PowerLite U50 has wireless sharing capabilities! That’s plural. The Wireless Module is an optional wireless dongle that allows the projector to communicate with a variety of devices over Wi-Fi. The Wireless LAN Module is available for $99 on Epson’s website. Once this is set up, there are easy-to-follow instructions in the User Manual on how to connect external devices, which allows for screen sharing in a variety of forms.

The U50 is iProjection compatible – Epson iProjection is an app that can be installed on phones, tablets, PCs and Macs, to wirelessly connect up to 50 devices simultaneously. That means students and teachers alike can project images, documents, videos, etc., for all to see. The PowerLite U50 also has two-way content sharing, which allows content to be shared from the projector to connected devices. The teacher can control which devices’ screens are displayed on the projector, and vice versa. When the content is shared to a student’s device, the student can then make changes and notes and send back to the projector. Talk about bringing learning into the future (or should I say, the Now).

Next up, we’ll discuss the rest of the special features of the Epson PowerLite U50, which include PC Free Annotation, DuoLink, Epson’s Brighter Futures education program, and Epson’s famous warranty. Click the button below on the right to continue reading.

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