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Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review - Picture and Sound Quality

Posted on July 31, 2020 by Nikki Zelinger

Epson PowerLite U50 Projector Review – Picture and Sound Quality: Color Modes, Video Image Quality, Text and Presentation Quality, Audio Quality

Color Modes

Color ModeColor RatingBest Mode For:
DynamicGoodUncontrollable Ambient Light
PresentationGreatPresentations/Graphics in Ambient Light
sRGBExcellentPresentations/Graphics Color Accuracy
BlackboardGreatProjecting on Blackboard as Screen Surface
Multi-ProjectionGreatMulti-Projector Setups

Video Image Quality

These photos from the Blu-Ray disk Journey to Space and the Netflix show Explained were shot in Cinema Mode to demonstrate the excellent color capabilities of the PowerLite U50 when projecting video content. Thanks to its 3LCD technology, the projector has as many color lumens as it does white ones, which really makes the colors vibrant, even during the daytime.

Text and Presentation Quality


The Epson PowerLite U50 produces an extremely sharp image when projecting text. The result is text that is readable even at the smallest font sizes, from a good distance away. The most common font size for text is 12pt font, which was highly readable from 15 to 20 feet back down the hall, at an angle (that's the furthest I could step away and still see the screen in my condo).

Presentations and websites are no exception to this claim. The smaller text on the SpaceX, Boeing, and National Geographics websites, as well as the infographics below, all were highly readable. The presentation slides looked gorgeous as well.


Audio Quality

Epson BrightLink 710Ui Interactive Projector Speaker
The Epson BrightLink 710Ui has a 16-watt mono speaker located just in front of the interactive camera.

The Epson PowerLite U50 has a powerful 5-watt speaker built-in. I had the volume at the halfway point when viewing Journey to Space, and I could hear the narration clearly at the opposite end of the condo, through walls.

This speaker will have no problem filling a K-12 classroom, conference room or boardroom, or, quite possibly, even a smaller university classroom.

As far as quality goes, the speaker does not get any distortion when upping the volume until you get to max volume. I expect teachers and professionals to be satisfied with the projector's speaker quality.

Next up, we have our Performance Page, where we talk brightness, contrast, and audible noise.

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